My first interactive WAM story

Turning 25, You received a mysterious birthday gift from you sister—a surprise adventure. It turned out to be a group trip to the Messy Lodge, where participants compete for the WAM Cup in messy and slimy challenges. Your sister, seeking revenge for a past dare, challenged you to get wet and messy. The brochure promised thrilling challenges involving slime, mud, and water, all in pursuit of the coveted WAM Cup. Despite the unexpected twist, I embraced the messy adventure, ready to conquer the WAM challenges and make a splash in this unique journey.

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Do you want to get messy?

Get Ready to Get Messy: Accept the Challenge!

Embark on a daring challenge! Obey my orders and gather sweet and savory items for a messy adventure. Will you make it through the thrilling game without a mess, or are you ready for a wild ride?

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The Lost prince!

Puzzle story [NON WAM]

Try to solve the puzzle in this story about the lost prince! Story contains only the prologue for now.

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